M.Tech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: Full Form, Admission 2024, Entrance Exams, Top Colleges, Fees, Syllabus, Career Scope

M.Tech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: About Course

M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a 2 - years Postgraduate degree. Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary science subject with various approaches to create smart systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Data Science is a term for a field that are used to analyze bigger datasets. This field of study combines knowledge of statistics and Mathematics, Programming skills, and domain expertise to derive better insights from various data. 


Students can grasp the course by studying foundational programs like : Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Fundamentals of Data Science, Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, and cyber security courses such as : Forensics, Mobile Security, Audit Compliance, Incident Response and Network Security. 


After completing this program, Graduates can get jobs in the sectors such as : Cyber Security, Education, Health - care, Agriculture and Manufacturing. 


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